Each family pays a Volunteer Commitment fee at registration. How can you earn this fee back?

One of the following activities/roles is required to meet the volunteer commitment for the season, which benefit the whole Association:

  1. Any executive, director or convener position, for the season. Learn more about roles available here.
  2. Any "bench" position such as coach, assistant coach, trainer or team manager, for the season. Learn more about roles available here and certification requirements on Coach's Corner.
  3. Selling 2 extra books of Super Draw tickets.
  4. Completing 12 hours of activities that benefit KLMHA as a whole, such as:
    • tournaments
      • fundraising, time keeping, music, etc.
    •  practices
      • skill equipment set up, take down and sanitization
    • special fundraising events (like the alumni games)
      • fundraising, decorating, selling tickets, etc.
    • year end banquet
      • setting up, handing out food, etc.
    • sponsor management
      • handing out spoons letters
      • picking up sponsorship donations

Note: Team fundraising activities (i.e.: bottle drive, hockey pools) are not considered towards KLMHA volunteer hours unless the funds raised are intended for the whole Association and not just one team. All team fundraising activities must be submitted to the Executive for approval before they begin to ensure they don't conflict with planned association fundraising.

Tracking Your Hours

As you complete volunteer activities (any of the 4 above noted activities/roles), you must track and present your completed Volunteer Tracking Sheet to the KLMHA Treasurer via email or by placing it in the KLMHA mailbox located in the locker room at the complex.

It is your responsibility to fill out and submit the Volunteer Tracking Sheet in order for the refund to be processed. This includes any of the above-noted positions.

Fee Reimbursement

You can earn your fee back early! As you sell the additional Super Draw ticket books or the below noted hours, submitted your tracking sheet:

The final deadline to submit your Volunteer Tracking Sheet to qualify for reimbursement is December 10th and again 7 days prior to the KLMHA Year End Banquet. The banquet date changes each year. If the banquet is cancelled for any reason, the deadline becomes April 23rd of that current season.

December refund cheques will scheduled for pick up, as needed. Final refund cheques will be issued at the Year End Banquet. If you cannot attend, please contact the KLMHA Treasurer within 48 hours of the banquet.

If your Volunteer Tracking Sheet is not received by the deadlines, your Volunteer Tracking Sheet will not be processed and no refund given, so please ensure you submit your sheet on time.


It is the responsibility of the family to look for opportunities to meet their volunteer commitment! Opportunities will be discussed at the season-kick off Parent Meeting, and posted about regularly on our KLMHA Facebook Page and our Kirkland Lake Legion 87 Timbits (U7 Tykes) Facebook Page.


If you have any questions about volunteering, please speak to your team coach/manager or email klmha@live.ca.